Released:  June, 2007

Media Strategy:  Raise awareness of Tabasco as the generic hot sauce.  Research showed that most of the campaign’s target audience relies on public transportation.  SOLUTION: Create a winter-based ambient campaign designed specifically for the commuter market.

Execution:  Identified key commuter locations and create a series of heated bus shelters featuring Tabasco branding and powered by small generators built into the back of each bus shelter.

Market:  By making Tabasco an integral part of the consumer experience and providing a free and useful service, Tabasco’s direct benefit of heat was communicated.  An immediately positive association was also created.  In addition to commuters, drivers going past were also exposed to the ad.

Effectiveness:  Response measures showed a 91% brand recollection amongst people who had just seen the bus shelters, and they were featured in the local press.  As part of a wider campaign, and together with a competitive price drop, these Tabasco “Hot Stops” helped raise quarterly sales of the standard 60 ml Tabasco bottle by 13%.


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